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Wellbeing and Relaxation

Take a break from the daily stress and let us really spoil you.

Since 1832, Bad Steben has been a Bavarian state spa and was thus elevated to the status of a health resort by none other than the then Bavarian King Ludwig I.

The effect of the springs that spring up here has been known for well over 500 years and they still unfold their beneficial effects today.

However, the path has long since been taken away from the pure healing aspect to the wellness and recreation factor, especially since the excellently developed infrastructure offers everything you need to feel good.

Last but not least, the climate in our town is a decisive factor for your relaxation.

We can pamper you with everything during your stay to give your body a little break from everyday stress. As a guest of our house we will organize the perfect beauty and wellness stay for you, which of course will be tailored to your wishes and preferences.

After all, it is only 150 metres to the entrance of the thermal bath with all its possibilities.

Here are a few examples from the wide range of offers:

Water worlds with wellness dome

Sauna system and flow channel

Wellness massages, – packs and baths

Peat baths and peat applications

Cosmetic and beauty treatments


Or you can simply enjoy the good air, the pleasant climate and a taste of our medicinal springs on a walk through the spa gardens.

We will be pleased to serve you fresh water from the springs free of charge for your well-being at breakfast or in your room.

Treatment offers

You would like to do an open cure with us?
We take care of your appointments and prepare everything around your stay.

Please inform yourself in advance with your health insurance company about prevention programs, which are available free of charge or for a small amount!

A spa stay in Bad Steben and the house at the Kurpark does not have to be a luxury.

Springs and natural moor

In Bad Steben you will find 3 springs with different compositions.
Temple Spring
„Radon water.“ RADON is a noble gas from the uranium mining series. As an aIpha emitter with a high ionisation density, it has a strong pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect on the musculoskeletal system over a period of four months.
Meadow Spring
„Säuerling „*: contains plenty of magnesium and calcium, valuable minerals for the nerves and muscle metabolism. Beneficial influence on the heart and circulation.
Max-Marien Spring
„CaIcium – Hydrogencarbonate Acidifier „*: stimulates kidney function and is recommended for gout and diseases of the urinary tract (ureter, bladder, urethra, etc.). Rich in calcium.

* Large healing water analyses of the Bad Steben healing springs, expert opinion Institut Dr. Nuss, 200s/200e values in milligrams per liter of healing water.
Natural moor

A relaxing effect of peat baths has long been known. They help with a number of ailments, such as rheumatic diseases, tension and spinal disorders. But they also unfold their beneficial effect just for relaxation.
The pleasant warmth will surround you comfortably and contribute to a fantastic deep relaxation.
So you see that not only the traditional spa guest is in good hands in our house and in Bad Steben.


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